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Performance Medicine
in Ardmore, PA

Complete Support for Your Wellness Journey

Ardmore Performance Medicine at sculp|MD

At sculpMD, our definition of beauty encompasses more than how you look. It is also about the way you feel. We developed our Performance Medicine program to provide comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and wellness support, delivering benefits encompassing better health, improved energy, and boosted confidence. Regular check-ins, advanced testing, and integrated coaching—plus aesthetic care, including body sculpting services—help you transform your physical health for greater confidence and a more vibrant quality of life. 

Healthy Confidence

What is Performance Medicine?

Our Performance Medicine program is a comprehensive treatment regimen incorporating nutrition counseling, an exercise program, one-on-one check-ins, community support, aesthetic services, and advanced testing to help you improve your wellness and achieve your healthiest body composition. Although weight loss is not the focus of our Performance Medicine approach, it is often a benefit of the thoughtful, incremental changes the program helps you build into your lifestyle. Rather than focusing on numbers on a scale, we focus on building healthy behaviors that provide lasting benefits, including optimized body composition and cardiometabolic health.

Establish Lasting Habits

What are the benefits of Performance Medicine?

At our medical spa in Ardmore Performance Medicine programs are completely customized to your individual needs and goals. We provide professional, attentive support to help you improve your health with thoughtful modifications to your diet, exercise routine, and daily habits. Clear goal-setting and ongoing progress monitoring provide motivation and insights throughout your journey. By working with Dr. Guirand and the other members of your healthcare team, you will receive comprehensive support from every angle. Access to body contouring with the revolutionary EmSculpt Neo device rounds out our spectrum of care, helping you fine-tune your physique for greater confidence and an improved ability to participate in a wide range of activities. 

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Care Centered Around You

Your Performance Medicine Consultation

Schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Guirand to learn more about our Performance Medicine curriculum and whether it might be a good fit. Ideal candidates are individuals wishing to lose weight, achieve a more balanced body composition, and establish habits to promote lasting health and wellness. We emphasize both the physical and psychological challenges that can attend this journey and are here to offer insightful and caring support from the moment you walk through our door. Dr. Guirand will listen carefully to your goals and learn about your medical history, wellness habits, and any barriers you have faced in previous attempts to instill healthy habits. Read on to learn about our integrated and highly supportive approach, or call to schedule your consultation and get started today. 

An Integrated Approach

Your Performance Medicine Treatment Plan

Month 1: Medical History and Physical Exam: At your initial consultation for Performance Medicine Ardmore aesthetic expert, Dr. Guirand, will spend time getting to know you, learning about your medical history, and discussing your personal health and wellness goals.

The following information will be collected to provide a baseline for treatment:

  • Medical history and physical exam
  • Blood pressure
  • 6-lead EKG
  • Body mass calculation and composition using Styku
  • A1C cholesterol (components of cardiometabolic health)
  • Establishment of individual goals
  • Metabolic VO2 max testing with PHONE

A week after your initial visit, you will meet with Dr. Guirand again to review your labs, history, and physical exam. The following weeks will focus on collecting more detailed information about your sleep habits, diet, stress, and activity levels to assemble a comprehensive picture of your current health.

Ongoing Health Data Collection: We will continue gathering information about your health and lifestyle during the first month, including the following:

  • Sleep data (sleep questionnaire and Oura Ring data)
  • Stress questionnaire, establish life stressors: job, home, etc.
  • Collect readings with Freestyle 3 continuous glucose monitor
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Month 2

Nutrition Counseling: Month two begins with a formal nutrition consultation with a registered dietician to discuss meal planning and healthy eating habits. Our performance medicine model does not encourage restrictive diets. Instead, we encourage thoughtful changes toward enjoying a healthier variety of foods.

Weekly Check-Ins: Weekly check-ins provide support and motivation to make incremental behavioral changes, like incorporating exercise into your routine. Data from the Oura Ring Freestyle Libre 3 continues to provide insights into how these changes affect your health. 

Community Support: We will encourage you to create a supportive community with other clients, family members, or friends to help establish and maintain healthy habits.

Month 3

At this point in the program, many individuals are experiencing tangible benefits from their positive changes, such as better energy, reduced stress, improved sleep, and a more balanced body composition. Treatments focus on refining your physique and encouraging continued progress. This includes sessions with EmSculpt, a revolutionary body contouring technology that simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle.

EmSculpt Neo: EmSculpt Neo is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that combines two innovative technologies: high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy and radiofrequency (RF) heating. This treatment is designed to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle in targeted areas of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. The HIFEM energy induces powerful muscle contractions, leading to muscle growth and toning, while the RF heating raises the temperature of fat cells, causing them to break down and be eliminated from the body. 

Exercise Program: Depending on your progress, we may provide a more advanced exercise program for you to follow. This component helps you incorporate daily habits that lead to lasting improvements in your wellness. 

Weekly Check-Ins: Continued weekly check-ins provide ongoing feedback and support tailored to your progress. 

Months 4-6

This phase of your performance medicine regimen is about establishing healthy habits you can maintain in the long term and enjoy the ongoing results of your efforts. 

Repeat Testing: We will re-test for various health data using Styku, PNOE, EKG, and a blood pressure check to chart your progress and guide future adjustments to your treatment plan. 

Biweekly Check-Ins: You will continue to have check-ins twice a month; adjustments continue as needed to fine-tune and optimize your treatment. 

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Start Tomorrow, Today

Performance Medicine Results

Our performance medicine model provides the support you need to make lasting changes to your daily life that lead to better health in the long term. In the early stages of your wellness journey, when challenges to progress are often the greatest, we provide the motivation and guidance to help you push through barriers and build positive momentum. As you begin to see results, we are on hand to help you fine-tune your exercise and eating habits. Treatments with EmSculpt Neo help enhance your results and let you enjoy the continued effects of your progress. As you move through the program, the information, tools, and accountability provided by our comprehensive performance medicine model lay the groundwork for healthy practices to transform into lasting habits

Graduating from the program is only the beginning of your journey of enjoying better health, self-confidence, and quality of life. Should you ever need extra guidance or support along the way, we are here to help. We also offer a range of high-quality aesthetic services for the face and body, helping you enjoy the fruits of your labor with care that enables you to look and feel your best every day. 

Performance Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates for performance medicine are typically trying to achieve a healthier weight. However, we emphasize attaining a better body composition, with less fat and lean muscle, and establishing lifestyle modifications to maintain better health, confidence, and quality of life.